I’m alive!

By patnatali

I’m around, let’s commit to making at least one post per month, shall we? Today, I’m going to complete a root-me.org challenge, in particular https://www.root-me.org/en/Challenges/App-Script/Python-pickle Unfortunately, I can’t write anything about the actual solutions, but…

Ubuntu 16.04 and OpenSUSE 42.1

By Pat Natali

Well, I tried out OpenSUSE and have decided to switch back to Ubuntu 16. First of all I want to say that while updates to Ubuntu 15 broke my installation, the Ubuntu 16 installation is…

3 weeks without an update?!

By Pat Natali

I haven’t given an update recently, so here it is: I got nata.li and pat.nata.li hosted on AWS. I backed up all my stuff on AWS. I pruned my Redmine backlog. I investigated some other…

Not much exciting

By Pat Natali

I continued practicing with rails, I’m backing things up to AWS, I reorganized my domain name setup… I still haven’t put nata.li back up. We’ll see how things go this next week.

(Not much) progress report

By Pat Natali

Still not much progress on the security system lately. I’ve been doubling down and focusing at work. I also changed my diet, which is still giving me issues. I have not installed other operating systems…


By Pat Natali

It’s finally here. I just got done cleaning up fizzbuzz.asm. Endless amusement. https://gist.github.com/beta0x64/d3b6762c638b4a6784edd81a80d95aa7 I tried making doing values -50 to +50 but for some reason it did not work on the negative modulo. For example,…