Lately I’ve been trying to find a career related field that I can work in while in college. Mostly, that means perusing job listings for junior developers within a fifty mile radius when I ought to be working at my present job. 🙂

Most of my work has been mere dabbling, and the realization that I have programming commitment issues makes my skinny portfolio a glaring problem.
I’m stuck between desktop or server applications and back-end web design. What should I do? How do I choose when I actually have no preference?
I have the most experience in Java SE and PHP. Maybe I’ll pick up a little Java EE or JSP with Apache Tomcat.

Update: I’ve decided to take the advice from the experts over at Stack Overflow and finally just program at my own whim. I focus on my future career, sure; however, I do not believe I should limit myself based on what recruiters, bosses, clients and others want from me. I’ll write in PHP when I feel like it. I’ll write in Java when I feel like it.

In order to cure my aimless programming, I’ve decided to build a small portfolio. I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t matter what I make as long as I make it. In the future, the management can determine what I make for pay. For myself, the best code has been created in order to scratch an itch.