I didn’t make any progress on the security system today. Instead, I worked on some other things. I did a little bit more configuration on Redmine. Now, I can track and queue things that I want to get done, and if done correctly, I should be able to track my own time.

I did the first part of the training from Codility. This was an interesting problem. I had to find the largest number of consecutive zeroes in a binary representation of an entire unsigned int. I accomplished this by while looping and shifting the number to the right and checking the value with & or %…I forget. Next time, I’ll copy my code. Anyway, I only got an 80%. So, I’ll need to do some more work there.

On KhanAcademy, I did some z-scores work. This is pretty simple work. It’s simple subtraction and division, table lookups, etc..

I also did a little bit more tutorial programming through nasm. I wanted to implement Fizzbuzz in ASM but didn’t quite get there. Instead, I am starting with a fibonacci sample from http://cs.lmu.edu/~ray/notes/nasmtutorial/ and adapting it to the Fizzbuzz problem. Writing it in assembly is a refreshingly low level challenge. There’s something therapeutic about the low level operations.

I’ve done a little investigation into asm.js and WebAssembly since the WebAsm announcement earlier this week. Basically, WebAsm and asm.js are compilation targets via emscripten. A project called binaryen, I believe, can convert asm.js to WebAsm. https://github.com/kripken/emscripten/wiki/WebAssembly

I hooked up my other TB drives, encrypted a partition on one of them and started copying things over. I detected a potential issue through SMART unfortunately. I need to watch that drive to see if it’s a real failure or just a false positive.