I’m running into issues loading the GPG encrypted data into a Uint8Array which should then be read by OpenPGP.js. I am seeing a discrepancy between the values of what is going in the Uint8Array and what I am seeing in a hex editor. xxd hex editor shows a leading value of 133. The Uint8Array is showing a value of 125. I downloaded the gpg encrypted file and decrypted it with gpg2, so the file is actually valid. It must be how I’m transporting it. I’m loading over AJAX right now.

Here’s my first pass: OpenPGP.js Nightmare

I am getting an error on line 19 of the gist.

I’ll keep at it and see what I can uncover. I knew I was going to run into issues with encoding, especially with a language as hectic as JavaScript. Sometimes web developers forget that there’s anything but strings and numbers out there!