I’m learning a bit about reverse engineering, and I have to say: using GDB is a real pain. Gee, I wish I had IDA Pro right now! Anyway, GDB is a pain to use because I can’t view all the registers and flags at once. Allegedly, I should be able to also reverse-step in gdb 7 but I am not seeing the option to. I might need to custom compile my own. I’ll need to get a lot more comfortable with gdb so I can expand some tools for my own dev work. They should become quite valuable since gdb isn’t going anywhere soon.

Also, ‘gdb -tui’ and thank me later.

‘Ctrl-x 2’ will split the screen for source and assembly code. Then, ‘layout asm’, ‘break *start’, ‘run’, ‘step’ and ‘next.’ That’s the quick and dirty primer for you. Expect to see me talk more about this later.