The past couple weeks have been slow for me, but that is all in the past. I had some medical stuff go on that made me quite sluggish and a little irritable.

General update: I would like to reinstall this machine. In my opinion, Ubuntu has declined in quality lately. I would ideally like to install a couple operating systems with a large shared filesystem. For example, I would like to try Fedora, OpenSUSE and Debian.

Remote backup update: I realized that Amazon Web Services only provides disk level encryption (EBS volume encryption) for instances over a certain massive size. No thank you! I might try this out on Linode. Anyway, a surefire solution would be to use cryptoLUKS containers and possibly git. Put the entire backup in cryptoLUKS containers, then use a git filesystem inside of that to keep track of the changes.

Security system: I am having an issue running my cartonized perl. No idea why this is. Anyway, I decided to start working on new features in branches finally. Right now, there’s a ‘show_incidents’ branch for Rootcrit here: I noticed that when opening a very large number of images and attempting to decrypt them, asynchronous processes would apparently timeout inevitably. That’s a challenge of client-side JS programming: how can I know what the client is capable of? How do we recover in that situation? Well, my plan is to pool the workers at least. I would also like to add paging, but that is a little bit outside of my paygrade right now when it comes to Cassandra. I know it can be done, though.

Statistics: I’ve been doing some work on z-scores lately. There’s not much to say about this. z-scores will tell me where a value lies on a normal distribution, which lets me answer questions like “How likely is it that someone is X or more and Y or more?” etc. etc..

Assembly: I haven’t done much of anything here. I have not so much as edited my FizzBuzz program, which is very disappointing, I know. 🙂 After looking at it briefly, I think the main issue I had was in “knowing when to stop.” Or in other words, my loop was broken. I should look into how to write functions in nasm. That would help keep the repetition down tremendously.

That’s all I can think of for now to update.

Goals for next Sunday:

General: Reinstall this computer.

Remote backups: Make it easy to work with cryptoLUKS (probably a perl or ruby wrapper).

Rootcrit: Reinstall carton and get Rootcrit running again. Then check out the decryption pooling.

Statistics: Keep on chugging along.

Assembly: Find out how to write a function in nasm. Address the fizzbuzz loop.