Still not much progress on the security system lately. I’ve been doubling down and focusing at work. I also changed my diet, which is still giving me issues.

I have not installed other operating systems on this computer yet. I’m not altogether convinced it’ll solve my issues. I’ll probably end up having to use Windows to get any kind of decent gaming performance on this graphics card. How disappointing. I’d rather not use Nvidia since their business tactics are immoral.

While doing an exercise on KhanAcademy, I discovered an easter egg in GNU Octave. fact(n) gives a random fact, not the factorial.

octave:2> fact(10)
Whenever someone writes a “Hello, world” program, Richard Stallman says “Hello”

Factorial is just factorial(n).

Anyways, I’ve also worked on encrypted backups in AWS. In order to facilitate this, I wrote this script called