I’m still doing stuff with things, as usual


I’m alive!

I’m around, let’s commit to making at least one post per month, shall we? Today, I’m going to complete a root-me.org challenge, in particular https://www.root-me.org/en/Challenges/App-Script/Python-pickle Unfortunately, I can’t write anything about the actual solutions, but I’ll let you know if I actually finish it. I’ve learned a bit about Apache Spark at Code & Supply. …

Conversational AI, Chatbots, Abot, and the Microsoft Bot Framework

The unveiling of the Microsoft Bot Framework is pretty amazing, and I agree with Natya Sadella when he emphasizes that human conversation should be the computer interface of the future. Chatbots are quite popular; however, they are stuck in the stone age with weak implementations like AIML. The real answer will be much more like …

I’m still doing stuff with things, as usual