How easy is it to find your business online?

Most people these days are using their phone to find local businesses like yours! They expect to find your phone number, your hours of operation and use their GPS navigation to find you.

They may judge your business based off of reviews and the quality of your website. Does your website have actual photographs of your business and employees? Most people need to see you and make a connection with you over your website before they’re willing to spend their hard earned money.

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Accept bookings online today

Taking phone calls and scheduling people costs time, and time is money. When you let calls go to voicemail, or when your staff needs to check on your availability, you’re possibly losing clients who were interested in your service. They may go to a competitor that’s more responsive.

Are your customers forgetting your appointments? No-call no-shows are also a huge waste of your valuable time and effort. A helpful reminder will increase their follow-through.

We can implement text message reminders for your appointments.

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Don’t miss out on the e-commerce revolution

Do you sell physical objects that could be marketed on eBay, Amazon, or your own e-commerce store? You could be accepting payments online. You could use your expert knowledge of the supply chain to get an upper hand on the competition. Your e-commerce store makes sales overnight, while you sleep.

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Do you have a newsletter?

If you don’t, you really should! And if you do, are you sure that people are reading it? Email marketing is highly underrated. You can cultivate a powerful email list of clients to market to, people who are or were interested in your services. However, these emails need to also be clean and effective. You need to constantly make sure the message is getting through to people by using your own metrics and analytics.

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Are you advertising where your customers are?

Different kinds of customers browse different kinds of websites. These websites could have your ads on them, they have social media business accounts where you can engage with your customers, there are traditional advertising methods available too. I have experience working with paid traffic (online advertising), social media influencers, and traditional advertising.

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Do you need help with your website, web hosting, or other issues?

Imagine, you’ve been preparing your marketing for the big launch day, and wouldn’t you know it? Your website is down. You’re missing out on a huge cut of revenue. Who are you going to call on a major holiday? I can certainly help you with any issues large or small. We can also prevent future issues with backups, load balancing, caching, and more. I have over a decade of experience working with web servers and can help diagnose your issue. I can track your website’s uptime, so we will know for sure if it goes down as soon as it happens. However, with my preventative services, you won’t experience downtime in the first place.

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