Not much exciting

I continued practicing with rails, I’m backing things up to AWS, I reorganized my domain name setup… I still haven’t put back up. We’ll see how things go this next week.

(Not much) progress report

Still not much progress on the security system lately. I’ve been doubling down and focusing at work. I also changed my diet, which is still giving me issues.

I have not installed other operating systems on this computer yet. I’m not altogether convinced it’ll solve my issues. I’ll probably end up having to use Windows to get any kind of decent gaming performance on this graphics card. How disappointing. I’d rather not use Nvidia since their business tactics are immoral.

While doing an exercise on KhanAcademy, I discovered an easter egg in GNU Octave. fact(n) gives a random fact, not the factorial.

octave:2> fact(10)
Whenever someone writes a “Hello, world” program, Richard Stallman says “Hello”

Factorial is just factorial(n).

Anyways, I’ve also worked on encrypted backups in AWS. In order to facilitate this, I wrote this script called

Rootcrit security system prototype problem solved

I’m such a dummy! Remember in my update earlier this week when I mentioned that Rootcrit wasn’t starting at all, mysteriously? I know why: it was trying to connect to my AWS Cassandra instance and I wasn’t waiting long enough for the timeout. Oops. Since I stopped my AWS instance and started it back up, its IP changed. I’ll need to associate it with an IP, then associate that IP with a subdomain of mine.

Speaking of which, I really ought to sort out my domain name situation. Right now, I believe my n domain name is transferred from namecheap to Arvixe is an OK service for the price, but it could be much better. I might transfer the domain and my website to Amazon.

Weekly update – Progress was slow! Not anymore

The past couple weeks have been slow for me, but that is all in the past. I had some medical stuff go on that made me quite sluggish and a little irritable.

General update: I would like to reinstall this machine. In my opinion, Ubuntu has declined in quality lately. I would ideally like to install a couple operating systems with a large shared filesystem. For example, I would like to try Fedora, OpenSUSE and Debian.

Remote backup update: I realized that Amazon Web Services only provides disk level encryption (EBS volume encryption) for instances over a certain massive size. No thank you! I might try this out on Linode. Anyway, a surefire solution would be to use cryptoLUKS containers and possibly git. Put the entire backup in cryptoLUKS containers, then use a git filesystem inside of that to keep track of the changes.

Security system: I am having an issue running my cartonized perl. No idea why this is. Anyway, I decided to start working on new features in branches finally. Right now, there’s a ‘show_incidents’ branch for Rootcrit here: I noticed that when opening a very large number of images and attempting to decrypt them, asynchronous processes would apparently timeout inevitably. That’s a challenge of client-side JS programming: how can I know what the client is capable of? How do we recover in that situation? Well, my plan is to pool the workers at least. I would also like to add paging, but that is a little bit outside of my paygrade right now when it comes to Cassandra. I know it can be done, though.

Statistics: I’ve been doing some work on z-scores lately. There’s not much to say about this. z-scores will tell me where a value lies on a normal distribution, which lets me answer questions like “How likely is it that someone is X or more and Y or more?” etc. etc..

Assembly: I haven’t done much of anything here. I have not so much as edited my FizzBuzz program, which is very disappointing, I know. 🙂 After looking at it briefly, I think the main issue I had was in “knowing when to stop.” Or in other words, my loop was broken. I should look into how to write functions in nasm. That would help keep the repetition down tremendously.

That’s all I can think of for now to update.

Goals for next Sunday:

General: Reinstall this computer.

Remote backups: Make it easy to work with cryptoLUKS (probably a perl or ruby wrapper).

Rootcrit: Reinstall carton and get Rootcrit running again. Then check out the decryption pooling.

Statistics: Keep on chugging along.

Assembly: Find out how to write a function in nasm. Address the fizzbuzz loop.